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Hi I am Sarena and I am a family and wedding photographer.

My goal is to capture the essence of a family, the individual, and the deep and unruly love between those that find themselves in front of my camera. 

I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Lake Tahoe, and have lived all over the country and world during my adult life. My travels and living in remote locations gave me my love for the incredible landscapes the world has to offer, falling for the light that kisses each blade of grass and mountain peak from each session I photograph. 

I am a photographer because our past experiences and moments should not exist just in our memories, but hung on the walls and filled in albums because we chose to exist in the photographs that our children will cherish for their entire lives. 

Life is an awfully big adventure …

sometimes it goes by so fast we don't have enough time to remember it. Let me capture it for you.

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I am a wedding, family, and lifestyle photographer, but most importantly I am a mother, wife, and avid renovation enthusiast! We recently moved to our new forever home (a gorgeous 1917 Colonial Revival fixer-upper) in Oakwood, Ohio from the unique and arid outback of Australia, yes with lots of kangaroos.

In 2012 I passionately began my photography career in Australia. After moving back to the states and settling in beautiful Ohio, I am excited to dive deeper into this incredible and joyful career.

I love LOVE.  I love capturing REAL moments between those in love. I love unique brides who want a ‘new-fashioned’ wedding with wild flowers, barn yards over ballrooms, and organic linens.

I love the family that wants to tell their story in their images, by using pieces of their home and hearts to style and inspire a beautiful session filled with love, light, and laughter.

I love capturing the innocence and purity of children in a natural, fun, and candid way.

I am deeply passionate about our ability to express ourselves naturally and purely. Spending time studying architecture, interior design, cooking, and gardening guides me to grow personally and creatively. I can be found most days designing new spaces for my work and personal life. I love to express myself in the arts by styling dinner tables, hosting events, and creating unique and natural bouquets and centerpieces.

My style is Organic, Natural, and Romantic. I am inspired by antique wood, wild flowers, the glow of light right before sunset, and my daughter’s laugh and creativity.

But mostly, I am inspired by YOU. By your stories and your personalities. My goal is to dig deep into the uniqueness of each family and couple and incorporate that into my photography.

I frequently pause when I think of my career in photography.  It is a pleasure and a joy to do what I do.  My passion manifested into a dream job.  Thank you for considering me as your photographer.