My shooting style consists of two approaches. The first being photojournalistic. Capturing unexpected moments.  A quiet glance. A secret kiss. A boisterous laugh. It’s finding those details and intimate moments to tell your story candidly and quietly. The other is to be more editorial. To direct, compose, and create unique shots. These photos are the “framed above the fireplace” images from a wedding.  Photos that are romantically soft while remaining candid in expression, but defined to have a high impact.

Each wedding and session is unique and catered to each individual client.

Portrait sessions start with us walking around, getting to know each other, and me connecting particularly with your children. I will begin snapping images, but mostly to secure my camera settings and get you guys comfortable in front of the camera. After we warm up, we will begin the session. It will be relaxed, laid back, and truly an expression of who you are as a family.